Nigerians are starving: President Tinubu Should Stop Shifting Blames.

by Amos Kalu

Tinubu Must Stop The Blame-Shifting Approach and Find Solutions.

Greetings to you all my countrymen and women. I am sober today because the report I get from home regarding the escalating means of survival for the Nigeria masses is alarming, despicable, and condemnable, especially when we have men who have claimed the right to the saddle and have been given every right to make the positive decision on behalf of the rest of us.

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Before I continue, let me make it abundantly clear that even if I don’t complain or lend my voice to the pains of my people because I am comfortable in the diaspora, it will change the fact that I have a retinue of friends, family, dependants, workers, etcetera, who depends on my for survival.


The pressure on them as a result of the incompetence of successive Nigerian leaders, past and present, makes it uneasy for me to sleep with my two eyes closed, knowing fully well that I must GIVE THEM HOPE, especially at the period we have seen ourselves as a nation.

I watched with great discontentment when the CBN Governor, Mr Cardoso boldly explained to the Senate Committee enquiring about the uncontrollable free fall of the Naira which has negatively affected every Nigerian, he said he does not have a magic wand to change the situation, he also blamed the past administration.

Comr Adams Oshiomhole has also towed this lame path in defense of Presid Tinubu’s government, but let’s face the facts, they did not take power to give excuses or blame the past governments, No! They took over to address those errors and chat a new path for recovery and economic turnaround

This is time for President Tinubu to shun ethnic bigotry and consider bringing experts in economic matters to help him save Nigeria before it explodes in his face.

He should stop making policies without considering the short and long-term consequences on the people. An example is the abrupt removal of Fuel Subsidies and the recent hike in import duties by Nigerian customs which did not consider the direct effect of it on the economy.

Nigerians are dying from hunger and in the hands of kidnappers. Herdsmen are hell-bent on sacking Benue Communities in endless deadly attacks. Traveling from Lagos or Abuja to the southeast is now a deathtrap while Abuja to Kaduna and other northern parts is now a daredevil attempt.

We need solutions and not excuses. We are holding onto hope for a better Nigeria of our dreams where we will have food, and security and live as humans and free citizens of our nation.

I am Chief Dr Emeka Kalu,

Emeka Charles Kalu

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