Real Estate Expert Urges Tech Integration to Address Nigeria’s Construction Challenges

by David Okoye

The Nigerian federal government was recently recommended by Femi Akintunde, the Group Managing Director of real estate solution company Alpha Mead, to use the technical innovations of the fourth industrial revolution in order to tackle the nation’s multifaceted difficulties. Akintunde underlined at a discussion at the University of Lagos that the government must use technology to combat economic challenges.

Akintunde emphasised that collaborating with industry could be an efficient way to address Nigeria’s economic problems. He emphasised the significance of preparedness, willingness, and dedication while expressing hope about improving the nation’s economic prospects. In spite of obstacles including poor infrastructure and growing joblessness, he maintained that Nigeria’s issues could be resolved.

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The real estate expert underscored the significance of the fourth industrial revolution, focusing on automation, robotics, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), and cybersecurity. He emphasized the need for uninterrupted power supply to fully deploy these technologies, identifying a current lack of such infrastructure in Nigeria. Manual processes, mobility constraints, and other hindrances were also noted, impacting academic research and development essential for addressing sector-specific challenges.

In order to fully realise the potential advantages of technology for the nation, Akintunde encouraged the government to give priority to resolving these fundamental problems. The world had been empowered by the fourth industrial revolution, he said, but in order to guarantee that technology was used for the good of society, current barriers had to be removed.

In summary, Akintunde’s message was unambiguous: Nigeria could position itself for economic growth and development by embracing the technical developments of the fourth industrial revolution and tackling infrastructure concerns. The call to action emphasised the critical role that technology would play in transforming the future of the country, going beyond merely acknowledging problems and focusing on workable solutions.

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