Businessman Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Neighbor Over Adulterer Accusation

by David Okoye

A businessman from Kaduna State named Sani Hassan filed a lawsuit against his neighbour Maimuna Ishaq, claiming she propagated untrue rumours that he was having an affair. The case was heard at Magajin Gari in a Shari’a court.

Ishaq had been telling people that he was discovered having an affair with a married woman at his drugstore, according to Hassan, the complainant, who told the court this. He underlined that these accusations have tarnished his reputation and character in the society, and he is asking the court for justice.

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The defendant, Ishaq, refuted the charges, saying that she never spread gossip about Hassan’s purported infidelity. She said that in an effort to get Hassan’s father to forgive them and find a peaceful solution, she and other community leaders had gone to him. Ishaq claims that she acknowledged her mistakes in front of the elders in order to keep the peace and prevent a legal conflict.

Maryam, one of the witnesses, stated in court that she was directly notified by Ishaq about Hassan’s infidelity being discovered. As part of a reconciliation committee, two male witnesses attested to the fact that Ishaq first denied spreading the rumour but then acknowledged doing so when questioned further.

The judge, Mallam Isiyaku Abdulrahman, adjourned the case to February 1 for further hearings. The court will continue to examine evidence and statements to determine the validity of Hassan’s defamation claims against Ishaq.

In summary, the lawsuit revolves around Hassan’s assertion that Ishaq falsely labeled him an adulterer, leading to damage to his character and reputation. The defendant maintains her innocence, citing efforts made with community elders to seek forgiveness. The court proceedings will resume in February for a thorough examination of the evidence and statements presented by both parties.

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