Sheikh Akewugbagold Urges Nigerians to Embrace Morality and Unity in 2024.

by David Okoye

Sheikh Taofeek Akewugbagold, Chairman of the Supreme Council for Islamic Preachers in South-West Nigeria, has delivered a crucial message to Nigerians as they usher in 2024. Regardless of religious affiliations, he emphasized the importance of leading pious and morally upright lives.

In an interview in Ibadan, Mr. Akewugbagold urged individuals to leave behind any negative actions from the past year, emphasizing the significance of turning over a new leaf in 2024. Particularly addressing the youth, he discouraged engagement in activities such as internet fraud and money rituals, highlighting the adverse consequences of shortcuts to success.

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According to the Islamic cleric, success is best achieved through a combination of moral integrity and hard work, asserting that any shortcut to success is bound to have negative repercussions. He stressed the need for individuals to prioritize decency and ethical conduct in their pursuit of success.

In addition to personal conduct, Sheikh Akewugbagold called for unity among all regions and ethnic groups in Nigeria, emphasizing tolerance for sustained peace, progress, and development. He urged leaders to refrain from corruption and embezzlement of public funds, reminding them of the transient nature of wealth and the inability to carry material possessions beyond the grave.

The sheikh’s message resonates as a call for a collective commitment to moral values, hard work, and unity, offering a roadmap for personal and societal success in the coming year. As Nigeria navigates the challenges ahead, Sheikh Akewugbagold’s counsel serves as a timely reminder of the enduring principles that contribute to a prosperous and harmonious society.

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