Police detain teenager for murdering a mother of 8 children in Gombe.

by Amos Kalu

The Gombe State Police Command presented eighteen-year-old Mustapha Adamu Isa, also known as Abbati, on Friday in connection with the alleged murder of Aishatu Abdullahi Adda Damori.

Unknown individuals murdered Damori, 58, a mother of eight children, in her bedroom last Friday.

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Speaking at the procession, ASP Mahid Mu’azu Abubakar, a spokesman for the Gombe State Police Command, stated that Muhammad Sani Abdullahi, the deceased’s son, filed a formal complaint at Pantami Division, stating that his mother had been killed at 9:30 p.m. with a knife by an unidentified individual..

After receiving reliable information, the investigative team led by Assistant Commissioner of Police, SCID Gombe, detained the suspect last Sunday at 1:30 pm in relation to the crime, according to Abubakar.

He stated that the suspect entered the victim’s bedroom covertly to look for his wrench, which she had taken from him earlier. Upon her return from Abbati’s family home, her neighbor, the victim discovered him prying into her room. When he refused to leave her room, they got into a fight, during which he killed her with a knife after strangling her. After that, he fled through the bathroom to an unidentified location, taking the spanner but leaving behind his knife and bloody shirt.

The suspects said he was in Damori’s room to get the spanner to fix a motorcycle that was taken to the mechanic’s garage in front of the house in response to queries from reporters.

Additionally, he stated that because the victim was the mother of his buddy, it was his first time committing such a crime and he was unsure of what had driven him to kill her. He maintained that before leaving with the spanner, he had located the knife in her chamber and had repeatedly stabbed her.

In addition, Abbati asserted that he was the only one who committed the act, reversing his previous assertion that Idris Abubakar Danjauro was accountable for his bag from the garage.

The PPRO for the command confirmed that the bloodstained clothing of Abbati, the knife, and the spanner were found as exhibits.

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