Enugu youths take to the streets to support Nnamdi Kanu in ending Sit-At-Home policy

by Amos Kalu

Youths in Enugu demonstrated peacefully on the streets on Saturday in support of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of IPOB, who is calling for an end to illegal sit-at-home protests in the South East.

The numerous youngsters marched through the city of Enugu’s main streets and roads while carrying signs that read, among other things, “Even Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is Against Sit-at-Home” and “Sit-at-Home Discourages Economic Progress.”

“We Say NO to Enemies of Our dear State region because Sit-at-Home affects our children’s Education,” he said.

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Comrade Edeani Maduabuchi Edeani, the leader of the Enugu Innovative Youths, spoke out and urged those promoting unlawful sit-at-home under whatever pretext to desist. He also noted that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the head of IPOB, was opposed to sit-at-home and had publicly advocated for its abolition.

Edeani claimed that Enugu State, and by extension the entire South East, had experienced immeasurable misery and poverty as a result of the illegal sit-at-home movement.

He claims that “the illegal sit-at-home is wreaking so much havoc and impairing the effectiveness of our economic, educational, and health institutions, and our people are counting their losses both as individuals and as collectives and corporate entities.

“As young people in Enugu State, we back Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in his efforts to completely end  the illegal sit-at-home demonstration being organized by an errant Nigerian in Finland.

“We are here to make it clear to the world that everyone who supports the illegal sit-at-home movement is opposed to the South-East, the decent people of Enugu State, and the future of young people in the state and South-East in general.

“I call on all young people in Enugu State and the South-East to stop lending their support to the anti-progressive, evil, and uncivil sit-at-home movement.”

It is still the wrong course, he said, and it won’t benefit anyone. Instead, it will ruin our chances of having a successful future as young people.

Edeani also urged the Federal Government to free Mazi Nnamdi Kanu by the court’s decision, saying that doing so will assist the South-East recovery and put an end to the manipulation by a few hoodlums.

The youths of Enugu State are sick of staying home, according to Mr. Ebube Nebo, a youth leader in the state. He added: “Staying at home is a canker-worm gradually snowballing into a big monster of human and economic waste.”

In all honesty, we are in pain. We are truly experiencing and feeling the pains of our loss and deprivation that the illegal sit-at-home movement is causing us, thus it is not simply about what the Enugu State Governor is saying to put an end to it.

While our fathers and moms, particularly those who live in the villages and suburbs, are experiencing unspeakable misery, Nebo remarked, “As a youth, it is affecting our educational, employment, and entrepreneurial prospects.”

Nebo underlined the South-East’s anger with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s ongoing detention and demanded his release.

In light of Finland’s refusal to rein in Simon Ekpa, they encouraged the Federal Government to reconsider its relations with that government.

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