Drama as trader purports to find a male’s private part in food

by Amos Kalu

There was a little drama on Friday at the well-known Alaba International Market in Ojo, Lagos, after an unexpected finding of a human private part by a hungry customer who visited a food vendor there.

Pandemonium ensued when the horrifying sight of the human part in the woman’s bowl of soup at GBO Plaza’s market caused traders and customers to rush the area to see the bizarre ala carte garnished with protruding human part and its accompanying delicacies steaming hot from a bowl of soup.

According to reports, the middle-aged woman, only known as Ebere, discovered odd meat on the plate of food she purchased from a food vendor.

Alaba International Market
Alaba International Market

When Ebere, who sells home goods across from GBO Plaza, found the meat on her plate looked like a male child’s private part as she was eating the food she had purchased from a vendor, she raised the alarm.

A witness stated, “I was here when Ebere was eating, yesterday, and found the meat that looks like a little child’s private part,” according to Vanguard Metro, who was present at the incident on Saturday. We each took turns looking at it. It didn’t resemble a goat’s or a dog’s.

“Other traders only approached after she raised the alarm, and after careful inspection, it was determined that the oddly turgid but little human flesh must be that of a child”.

According to other witnesses, the argument lasted for a while before it was determined by a unanimous vote that it was a human being’s private area, at which point all hell broke loose and they began clamoring for the food vendor’s head.

It was learned that the terrified food vendor was adamantly announcing her innocence, stating that she had purchased the meat from her regular market supplier.

The scandalous scenario got so bad that some of the traders, who claimed to be the food vendor’s regular clients, started publicly throwing up, lamenting the fact that they had been eating human flesh for so long under the mistaken impression that it was delectable meat.

According Vanguard Metro report seen by OHAFIATV News, the traders flocked to the plaza in large numbers to not only identify the food vendor but also track down the meat supplier and exact swift retribution on them.

However, market leaders who urged prudence and gave their assurances that they would look into the matter and take prompt action managed to prevent the situation from spiraling into a catastrophic crisis.

Ezeani Theophilus, the public relations officer of Alaba International Market, confirmed the event and informed Vanguard Metro that an inquiry was still ongoing.

The food vendor, in his words, “doesn’t have a restaurant; she is a local food vendor.Police have been contacted, and an investigation is being conducted.

“The food vendor claimed to have obtained the meat from a market-hopping butcher. In order to prevent the meat vendor from learning and leaving the market, we don’t want to aggravate the situation.

However, as of the time of publication, little was known about the outcome of their investigation. However, it was credibly reported that the food vendor had vanished from the market, and nobody knew for sure whether or not she had been invited by the police.

The police, for their part, acknowledged they had not yet received such a report but promised to thoroughly investigate the situation once they did.

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