Deactivating Criminal Booby Traps: Shamelessness of Few Paranoid, Abia PDP E-Rats – Opinion

by Amos Kalu

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They are firing like loose canons, barking at nothing to create confusion and shouting Ole! ole! ole! to deceive unsuspecting Abians. They are yet to come to terms with the busted bubble. Abia State Treasury is closed and secured. @Don Ubani, @Chinonye Mba, @Adaku C Nwankpa, @Ex Steve, @Promise Uzoma Okoro, @Uche Aguoru, and a certain Former Commissioner cannot push the New Government to continue funding the retired criminal enterprise in the name of payment of salaries, pensions, and gratuity. Dr. Otti is a seasoned financial guru and understands when figures have been overloaded. He is very much aware that Abia State arrears of wage bills, pensions, and gratuities were padded and Ghost Workers infused into the database of the workforce by the PDP criminal gangs to continue milking the State resources in the proxy.

The New Government is desirous to pay workers wages and has committed to prioritizing the payment of workers’ salaries, pensions, and gratuity but not funding a bunch of rejected and expired looters who cannot survive outside the public treasury. The attack dogs and E-Rats should be put on notice that no amount of barking and shredding of facts on social media can stop thorough auditing of the actual wage bills figure of Abia State Civil and Public Servants. It became more laughable when the uproar and alarm for payment of salaries is being raised by the same characters claiming up-to-date salaries of the so-called core Civil Servants less than 3 weeks ago.

Abians have now confirmed that the last administration left arrears of salaries of both the so-called core and noncore Civil Servants. The New Government will start clearing the Arrears of salaries, pensions, and gratuity immediately after separating Paul from Barnabas. The cleansing exercise is ongoing to separate the REAL core and noncore Civil Servants from ‘The Core and Non-Core Structure of Criminality’ to stop servicing the wheels of corruption. The New Government is committed to pushing Ndi Apata-uku, their attack dogs, and E-Rats to look for a second address outside Abia State commonwealth to move the State from consumption to production.

The above-mentioned attack dogs and E-Rats have been running from pillar to post to fault and blaming a 3 weeks old Government for months and years of arrears of salaries, pensions, and gratuity of public and civil servants. The same characters were falsely peddling lies and claims of Billions of Naira and Millions of Dollars left by the last Government for the New Government without a handover note detailing the funds and banks as was done by Mr. Peter Obi and in line with international best practice. Social media was awash with the illusionary Billions left behind for the New Government by the Ikpeazu-led Government. Abians are not in doubt about the Billions left in the private accounts of the PDP criminal gang and the properties acquired around the globe with the looted and plundered Abia State resources.

The irony is that the same characters who were spreading the falsehood of Abia State balance sheets are bent on foreclosing the New Government’s right of reply. The New Government admitted that the PDP Government left Billions in Abia State to the tune of over 191 Billion Naira but in Minus while the Plus is in their various private accounts. It is a case of a State that has earned Trillions of Naira getting poorer while the managers of the State got richer.

Lastly, the PDP must have been joking if they had expected the New Government to fold her hands and allow them to buy over the House of Assembly with the funds they stole from Abians to produce the principal officers of the House of Assembly in a bid to use same to frustrate the pro-people agenda of the New Government. The remnants of the retired PDP should be made to watch Abia progress from the sidelines. The PDP and her E-Rats have no moral and ethical justification to talk about anything wrong, bad, or illegal. The Impunity of the PDP in Abia State was legendary. The Abia State House of Assembly invoked the same 1999 constitution used by the PDP to elect or select the first speaker of the State House in 1999. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. The Constitution of the Federal Republic supersedes any House Rule. The right to vote and be voted for is enshrined in the Constitution. Abia State is on the match, and no confusion and desperation can stop the evolving New Abia.

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Salaries, Pension, and Gratuity of public and civil servants will be paid, Abia State will become a construction site, Investment will flow in and the standard of living of Abians will improve. The New Government is reformatting Abia State but must back up the old files for seamless recovery.

This is a New Dawn…

Ukoha Njoku Ukoha
Omeifuku writes from Oterikañ-Okpo

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are entirely the intellectual property of the author, Ukoha Njoku Ukoha, and does not represent the ideas, opinion, and/or thoughts of OHAFIATV News as a company, or any of her staff.

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