Be Wise: Ndi Enugu cannot afford another Ugwuanyi kind of govt in coming years.

by Amos Kalu

Edeoga is Ugwuanyi duplicate:

Those who are campaigning for Edeoga are not really thinking deep. They are either selfish or sentimental. The mess of Ugwuanyi which Edeoga is part of is too big a task to hand over to Edeoga.

Remember our support for Peter Obi is not based on sentiment. Not because he is an Igbo man. Not because it is our turn. Not because he is a labor party but on competencies. On his records. Erdogan has none. Enugu state has suffered tremendously from bad governance for years especially the last 8 years under Ugwuanyi and Edeoga.

We are not taking further risks again in Enugu. What Peter Obi needed from us is good representatives in the senate and house of representatives. Enugu State has given him more than any other state. We gave 7 out of 8. But can not mortgage our des ting and that of kids and the next generation of Ndi Enugu to Edeoga. We have seen enough of what he can do .looking at his previous records.

Edeoga is a risk too big we can not afford..

Look around you Nldi Enugu . Every other states surrending Enugu state are progressing in speed of lighting and development. While enugu state is going backward. Ugwuanyi is the worse thing that can happen to any society as a leader and Edeoga is integral part of it. Never again.

Edeoga is Ugwuanyi duplicate and Enugu can not afford it. This is a risk too big.

Edeoga has been in public office for years. As house representatives member,. Zero achievement. Zero impact on the development of any sort.

He has held different positions under the Ugwuanyi government. Zero achievements and zero development. And you want us to hand Enugu state over to him? No na: You only need to listen to him to see how shallow he is and then check his previous public records to know why he must be avoided at all costs.

Edeoga is an Ugwuanyi duplicate. We know Ugwuanyi is secretly supporting his candidacy but it will not fly. We are wiser. No third term for the Ugwuanyi period.

Edeoga is not Obidient and not Peter Obi. He is not the answer to the Change Enugu state needs now.

Save Enugu state.
Edeoga is not Obidient
Edeoga is not Peter Obi
Edeoga is a disaster waiting to happen
Obidients are not zombies


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