I have vision to effectively serve the people, provide better, quality life — Ibe Okwara Osonwa

by Amos Kalu

House of representatives candidate of the Labour Party for Arochukwu/Ohafia Federal Constituency, Chief Ibe Okwara Osonwa has vowed to make life better for his constituents if elected in the 2023 general elections.

Osonwa made the remarks on Saturday evening in Ohafia while outlining his manifesto to newsmen, saying: “Remember, our goal is simple: Which is to do everything we have to do, to make this Consituency the envy of all the other districts in Abia State.
And subsequently be the benchmark upon which other districts launch their transformative initiatives towards a better future.”

“My vision is to effectively serve the people and consequently provide them a better quality of life. A comprehensive delineation of how I intend to foster the policies that will truly precipitate positive change for the constituents
of Arochukwu/Ohafia locally, and those of the federation of NIGERIA at large, are contained in a this policy manifesto document which details support initiatives for the widowed and aged. Employment and empowerment opportunities for the younger generation.

“Infrastructural facilities development for public schools & hospitals.
Interest free-loan for traders, sports development, to mention a few. We will also initiate and encourage more forums of direct consultation and interaction with constituents of Arochukwu/Ohafia to have a constant, contemporary and extemporaneous measure of your insights, suggestions; and when necessary, objections and criticisms to empower more efficacious representation for our people, and ultimately craft more effective
developmental bills and legislation at the National assembly to precipitate the progress for our district that we all desire.

“We have a plan to solicit foreign technology companies to come in to use us as a test bed for new energy producing technologies such ‘Supercapacitors;’ that will at long last enable an environment of constant power and light. And when there’s constant light, the water pumps will always be running to let the waters flow. Such life-enhancing infrastructural development projects will create new jobs. But we also will make sure to negotiate such development programs to include the eventual transfer of such technology to our indigenous people so we can become conversant with it to better chart our own destiny with it, and not be in perpetual dependence on some so-called scientific wizards, only because we did not stipulate from the beginning that they must eventually transfer the
full expertise of the technology to our people directly so we can in time be able to manipulate, innovate upon and dispense such technologies for our people’s unique needs. I’m sure you’ll agree with me we are blessed with vast repository of creative scientific minds who can assimilate even the most arcane complex knowledge, innovate on it, and render to our people with pertinent modifications to make such technologies work more efficiently and reliably in our environment to service the people.

“Now, I know some of you are quietly conjuring thoughts of “Yeah right!”, or perhaps will flash me a facetious clenched lipped, pointed chin of apprehension behind my back. Of which, you’re truly justified to feel jaded and utterly weary from previous false promises of others whom have come, and continue to come, to solicit your support. So I must be truthful with you, that I’m not under any grandiose delusion that our task will be easy.
Most especially when it comes to working against the status quo whom will surely throw up negative inhibitive barriers to thwart some of our best efforts at transformative change. You know there are many of us who are content with no light or intermittent light. And some, who actually profit from the sale of generators, and the fuel to run them. But what good is that to those of us who cannot afford such amenities? So yes, I sincerely expect you to be somewhat sceptical. To me this serves as added motivation for me to go the extra mile to convince you to embrace our vision for the future. And if I’m so fortunate to be given the honour to be your representative for Arochukwu/Ohafia, it will be a conscious reminder that I am essentially your servant, and it is my duty to do all I can do to make you as happy as possible.

“But whether we already have your support, or you’re still making observations and taking notes to get a full measure of our intentions before you make your decision. I’m quite sure you’ll agree with me that it’s time to end the status quo of failing, unmitigated infrastructural and public services that do not produce any relief or satisfaction for anybody. And a societal system that seems to inordinately benefit the so-called elites whom for a long time have been for the most part unmeritoriously enjoying the fruits of our collective national pie. And if you share these beliefs, I strongly beseech you to join me to declare: No to the status quo.

“It is time to transform the status quo, from the normalcy of Sufferhead, from this point forward, and firmly embrace the attainable notion of: Enough is Enough.

“If you believe in the creation of more decent paying jobs, then Enough is Enough.

“If you believe in an educational system that will inspire our children to achieve phenomenal goals, then Enough is Enough.

“My dear citizens, time is of the essence to apply corrective policies and measures to revitalize our near-moribund economy. Make no mistake about it, we are now in condition critical. And if the status quo prevails it might be more severely excruciating to resuscitate the present economic anemia debilitating many of us, than it already is.”

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