Opinion: Beware, Afghanistan Is Loading In Nigeria – Awa Ume

by Amos Kalu

Compliments of the season and welcome to a wonderful blessed New Year. I congratulate you for staying strong, resilient, and determined despite the trouble we’re facing as citizens of this great country. Congratulations!

As we have started the New Year of 2023, it is important that I thank you for always finding time to read my submissions to the management of Ohafiatv. I encourage you to subscribe to this chanel through face book, twitter, instagram, telegram and other social media outfits for unbiased news and information.

Before I proceed, I want to sound it clear that this topic is not borne out of Islamophobia but factual reasoning based on current events. The first person that I will send it to is my very good friend Hajia. She’s a woman I love and respect. She’s one of the strong women that helped me stand when doing so was almost impossible. I eat and sleep in her house. My family visits her. I pray for her and she accepts my prayers. She has other pastors that pray for her too. She’s not a bigot.

I have attended churches in Abuja where Muslims come in their numbers for prayers. Some come with their spouses and receive prayers in the name of Jesus Christ. For this reason and more, I have no fear for Islam or Muslims but I have a deep disdain for everyone that uses religion to hurt, harm, and destroy lives. I loathe the Political Muslims who work hard to destroy our secularism as a nation. I have no respect for any bigot that wears the garment of religion in political uniform to distort, confuse, claim and destroy the peace of the nation like we have seen in the past 8 years under the MOST bigoted government in our political space.

Last week, news came in that the Taliban in the hilly nation of Afghanistan banned girls from attending secondary schools. According to reports, their action is predicated on the demands of their Islamic religion that a girl should see her first menstrual period in her father’s house and the second should be in her husband’s house. Holy Moses!

Next, was the news that there have extended the same rule to the Universities, banning the girl child from attending higher education. While we were crying over these obnoxious decrees from the pit of hell, they announced a third law in quick succession. This time, they banned women from working with NGO’s!

I cried because my wife and I have more than 10 adorable daughters. We cherish them. Apart from God, these girls are everything to us. They are loving, kind, and wonderful homemakers. We can’t trade them for anything in the world. By the grace of God, few are married, graduated from Universities and 3 are at home. By the 2023 school year, 2 would be in the university. One of the girls had 8 distinctions and one credit in the last WAEC result. This one wants to join her sister at the College of Medicine.

I have briefly talked about my girls without mentioning if they’re all biological or not. In my home, all of them have equal right with the boys and among themselves. We have trained them to accept each other, to pursue their education, their careers and passions. They, in turn know certain things about their parents that we cannot compromise. They know for example that we don’t collect dowry from their would be husbands. They know that we are alchoholic ananymous and would not accept any lover of booze. We adore them and would give them the best in life.

Have you ever read the cliché : “Fathers that have girls can kill”? Yes, we can kill if you mess up with our girls.

You can see why we cried for Afghanistan parents who helplessly would watch some stupid bigots mess up the future of their daughters.

When this evil extremism started in Afghanistan, no one ever knew it would snowball into this monumental disgrace. The citizens took it for granted that the politicians meant well for everybody. Today, while men slept, the enemy has sown not only weeds but a monster that’s ravaging a people with the such astronomical speed that in the years to come, Afghanistan would certainly be a laughing stock in the comity of nations.

In Nigeria, few incidents point to the fact that Afghanistan is loading here. Despite our seeming amnesia, I know that some of us will not forget that our highly bigoted President has by his actions and inactions set the nation on the road to Afghanistan. His one-sided appointments in the past 8 years are one clear indication of where his interest lies. His continued support and pampering of his kinsmen, the Fulani herdsmen, and the rampage/bloodshed in every nook and cranny of Nigeria have left no one in doubt that we have a President with blood in his hands.

Lastly, his party, the APC decided to field a Muslim – Muslim ticket and by so doing, confirmed a rumor that this government is on a Fulanisation and Islamisation agenda. Afghanistan and so many countries that are now full-blown Sharia nations all started like this and their citizens took it for granted.

Today I remind all moderate Muslims reading this that when this evil that is loading happens, you’ll all head toward the so-called infidel Europe and America. Thank God for Australia that would not accept you once you’re a Muslim refugee. I’ve always wondered why Muslim refugees go to Europe and America and not North Africa, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, UAE, Saudi or Turkey. They mess up their nations and run to the land of the so-called infidels. I’ve always wondered why our president with his well-known bigotry hardly does his popular medical tourism in Dubai or Saudi Arabia. I wonder why his protégé Ahmed Tinubu runs to the West for his medical tourism too and not the Islamic world. This is enough to teach us a lesson. They know why they run to the West but would not tell us. When they use you in 2023 to do the harm they intend, their children would be cooling off in the same Western world while you and I would suffer here.

It is therefore imperative that I warn you beloved Muslim brothers and sisters that you allow Nigeria’s secularism to remain intact. That you allow the presidency to rotate between Christians and Muslims. That you allow the Christian South to produce the President in 2023 after Buhari’s 8 years of rule. That’s equity, that’s justice, that’s what patriotism is all about.


As we drew the curtain to the end of 2022, I salute some APC members I have interacted with during the year. Some of you feel cheated by the political class to the extent that you’re bitter today. I remind you that 2023 is not about party affiliations. I was until not too long ago, a card-carrying member of PDP but stopped following them because I realized that like your party, PDP is the home of looters, evil men, and women that do not care for anybody except those in their circle.

2023 is about justice and fairness. It’s about the soul of Nigeria, it’s about the future of generations yet unborn. How would you prefer a “shaky shaky” ancestor whose life is shrouded in secrecy to a relatively young, frugal, and vibrant man whose track record is verifiable as an open book?

How would you prefer a man whose only credential is that he agreed with Muhammadu Buhari in a clandestine meeting that after his tenure, he would rule?

That’s a mafia-like setup and if allowed, would become a norm. That would mean that two fools can sit anywhere and agree to place the cotton on the eyes of over 200 million people and share their common patrimony without consulting the people. Can I hear you say God forbid!

Let’s unite and tell Buhari and Tinubu and whoever would try that in the future that “we, the people” were not a party to that clandestine meeting that gave rise to “emile okay” (it’s my turn). It cannot be your turn when you did not consult us.

I urge you to vote against your party in the forthcoming election. Do it quietly and let’s cause a civilian revolution in Nigeria so that next time, politicians would respect the citizens.

Do you want Afghanistan to happen in Nigeria? If you’re sure you don’t want to become a refugee, then help us teach these thieving political classes a lesson on who the actual master is.

Give your vote to Peter Obi. A man positioned by divine providence to give us a new Nigeria.


Did you listen to our President’s speech in Washington DC? He said among other things that there is food security in Nigeria. He boasted that his administration has lifted more than 130 million Nigerians from Poverty. He rolled out other mystery figures that have no bearing on reality.

I pitied President Biden for sitting down to listen to those lies. I kept wondering if anyone familiar with Nigeria will ever believe those white lies. In short, they were not white but black and red lies. Just imagine this: In 2015 when (according to this administration) we were hungry rice was selling at 17,000 Naira a bag. Today that we have food security (meaning that food is readily available), and the same rice is selling at 54,000 and out of reach for the common man.

Is it not better that you take back your food security and give us food at an affordable price?

He said he has lifted 130 Million people out of poverty while the FBS, a Federal agency gave statistics that show that this government threw 170 million Nigerians into poverty.

The scorecard of this government and her party Apc has been lies, deception, propaganda, and more deception. You can believe them if one Naira is now exchanged for a dollar as they promised in 2015.


In a few days, we shall see ourselves in 2023. This year is so important in the retrieval of the soul of a nation stolen by crooks and looters. Men with no visible means of income yet they swim in billions of Naira. They are heartless, arrogant, and profligate. They have raped the nation, violated her, and left her vulnerable. These men operate the nation on mafia-style, kill whoever stands in their way, and are cruel. They mess up money meant for healthcare and run abroad to treat coughs and headaches. Cruel men with no conscience yet the oppressed sing their praise.

We must rise in 2023 and say in unison : ENOUGH!


The shortest name among the contestants is “OBI”. Any language can pronounce it. Anyone, child, or adult can call the name Obi. We’ve never had it so simple. It’s not a tongue-twisting name. We’re reminded by this name that though tongues and tribes may differ, in Obi we shall stand.

At the ballot, look out for the picture of papa, Mama, and pikin. Vote wisely refusing any attempt or inducement to sell your vote. Let’s do it together!

By Richyard Awa Kalu Ume JP, PnD

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