I am committed to improved education, better welfare package for youths, women – Ibe Okwara

by Amos Kalu

The Labour Party Candidate for Arochukwu/Ohafia Federal House of Representatives, Hon Ibe Okwara Osonwa, has reiterated his resolve to pay special attention to the improvement of educational standards in the constituency to meet the Millennium Development Goal target for education in record time when elected as the man to represent the constituency.

He insisted that the place of education in the life of any people that desire development and progress can never be overemphasized, stating that the only way to secure the future of the constituency is by giving her citizens quality education that will help them to compete anywhere in the world.

“Education shall form the cardinal focus among many that I will work hard to improve in the green chamber because I will sponsor vital bills that will ensure better opportunity for the youths of my constituency to be properly educated and armed with the power to survive in an evolving society we live in.

“I understand the place of education in modernized climes, I will bring it to my people to secure a better future because when you educate the youths, you have taken them out of the street and rid the society of cultism, criminality and other social vices associated with unemployment,” he said.

He also declared his preparedness to create a better welfare package for the women of the constituency as that is the best way to manage society and reduce youth unrest.

“When you empower the women with better welfare, they will take care of their families and pay good attention to the activities of the young ones who tend to be carried away by peer factors. That way, you would’ve solved another problem of saving society. These and many more plans are in my kitty to better the lives of our people.” he reassured.

Meanwhile, Hon. Ibe Okwara is surely the man that stands the best chance of winning the contest and taking consistency to a whole new level with his exposure and connection both in Nigeria and abroad.

The good people of the Arochukwu/Ohafia Constituency are therefore encouraged to give him all the support by voting him in to change the status quo.

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