Northern youths shun ethnoreligious politics, vows to vote Peter Obi (See Video)

by Amos Kalu

One of the vocal voices of the North, and an ardent advocate of good governance, Mohamed Ibrahim Tafida, has released a new video condemning decades of brainwashing of the northern voters on the claims of tribal and religious differences, creating perceived enemies to protect the political interest of the elites at the detriment of the poor masses. He assured that such era of ignorance is gone and reiterate resolve of the northern youths to vote the Labour Party candidate, Mr. Peter Obi.

Video Excerpts:

My name is Mohamed Ibrahim Tafida from Katsina state. I grew up in Kaduna and graduated from Kaduna state university.

As a Hausa man from northern Nigeria, even as little children, were taught that the Igbos are not to be trusted, we were taught that the ‘Inyamiri’, which are the Igbos were the enemy and so should not be trusted. And so today, out of ignorance, many Hausas think Peter Obi is the enemy.

After going to the university to study, I have also traveled to different parts of the country including some Igbo states I’ve come to realize that our real enemies are the selfish and greedy politicians we have. It is only the hatred and individual selfishness of our political elites that made them mislead us.

Out of ignorance, we were told only to vote for our fellow northerners and decided we should only vote for people from our site which we did, but look at the present condition that we are facing in the North, we cannot farm, we can visit our families in the village we cannot even move from state to state without the fear of been kidnapped or killed.

  • As a concerned mother, it feels bad to know that our daughters have been raped, kidnapped, and forcefully married.
  • our husbands, sons, and brothers killed on daily basis.
  • killed by people who are not Hausas, killed by people who are not even from our country. People were brought into this country by our selfish and greedy politicians.
  • and the people that brought these killers are asking us to vote for them and vote for their parties again. This evil must stop.

And the same people that we voted for from our side and our religion, know everything about these problems and yet do nothing about it.

We the northern youths have decided that they cannot deceive us anymore, we are tired and we are voting for a new Nigeria, we are voting for Peter Obi, we are voting Labour Party, very we are voting for a new Nigeria where the “Inyamiri” (the Igbo) and the Hausas can live together in one place, marry from each other and live in peace, unity, and harmony.

A new Nigeria where the oduduwa tribe, which is the Yoruba can live among all ethnic groups in peace unity, and progress.

See Video

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