Group Urges People Of Abia North To Deliver Mao Ohuabunwa For Senate Seat

by Amos Kalu

The seat of Abia North Senatorial district must be not down graded or denigrated by failures of leadership, cheap political horse trading and other sorts of selfish tendencies by the serving Senator whom the people gave the mandate to hold on their behalf . The said Senatorial seat deserves the full respect and coordination of the one who is elected to serve under it. It is not a personal Upholstry in one ‘s parlour rather an individual is elected to hold the mantle on behalf of the good people of Abia North . That is why in law , there is a provision for recalling back a law maker through the same popular vote of the people once a vote of no confidence is passed on the embattled legislator.

The people of Abia North are encouraged to strongly stand by Chief Hon Mao Ohuabunwa by coming out enmass to vote him in 2023. He has the capacity and good standing in the society and would effectively represent the zone in the red chamber of the National Assembly come 2023. We need a Senator who will be defending the interests of the zone not one who is willing to be sweeping floor for a personal friend in order to get fanta bottle favour and cracks of biscuits . Law making is all about sponsoring bills capable of improving and transforming the society. Those who see the seat of legislature as a place of creating self prominence without meaningfully impacting the society should not be supported or be voted for. Leadership is to lead and serve and must not be seen as a private business outfit.

We therefore call on the people of Abia North Senatorial district to rally support for PDP Senatorial Candidate. As a seasoned leader, he is believed to be of the qualities needed in producing a sound Senator who can speak up against bad governance in the National Assembly. To uphold the integrity of the Senatorial Zone is of paramount importance and that is why it is pertinent to choose the suitable person to represent us in this very capacity.

Impacts creation plays a vital role in considering who can lead or represent the people, integrity and purposefulness cannot be divorced from being part and parcels of essential qualities of a serving Senator.In this regard, we must vote wisely and Mao Ohuabunwa is such a good leader that can immensely impact the people when voted into office in 2023. PDP Coalition in her discretion calls on the people of Abia North to support a candidate ready to serve them in line with the norms and values of effective representation in the parliament .We are strongly behind the right leader who will not subject the seat to dishonour but one who is ready to protect the interest of the people in the hurdles confronting smooth operations of the Nigeria National Assembly.

Samson Kalu national sec
Global initiative for Good Governance

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