Spunky Black: “My focus is to put Aba in Music Map” – youths must #Shuncultism

by Amos Kalu

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Spunky Black Interview

The music industry has consistently remained progressive with revolutionary and modern approach to its evolution which has to a large extent helped a lot of artists to rediscover themselves and launch deeper into creativity to further thrill their numerous fans across board.

In the City of Aba (Enyimba City), this evolution is sweeping swiftly around as many of the acts that started from the Commercial Hub of Southeast have continued to put their names on the tablets of Nigerian Music industry by representing Enyimba City both in production, performance, dances and other acts. 

Though some of these stars who moved out of Aba elected to stay back and away from the City, some others like Spunky Black thinks otherwise as he believes that it is his prerogative to put the city further on the map and not to abscond. 

In this interview with OHAFIA-TV News Anastasia Chidiogo, Spunky Black bares his mind on a variety of issues regarding Aba; albiet, MusicBiz. Enjoy. Excerpt

Please Can we know you? Tell us your real name and where you come from.

My name is Ifeanyi Jacon Igwe. I hail from Akanu Item in Bende L.G.A of Abia state. I am schooled in all graces like every other youth in my time and I am a perfect product of hardwork and dedication in whatever I elect to do. I go by Spunky Black as my stage name because my fans say it is sexy and fits my colour (Burst into laughter)

What motivated you to join music as a career? Do you have plans of quitting anytime soon?

Creativity has been my lifestyle from childhood to adulthood, it is the passion that drives me, and I am inclined both in fashion styles, movies, and my exploit is felt in schools, and anywhere you go, you can be told about SPUNKY BLACK.

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I started writing and recording demo songs at a very early stage with already established acts like Late Malakai, Paddy Patrick, Uncle Ben of Africa and so many Stars. The passion it radiated in me, the love I saw during the street shows then in Aba, coupled with other factors motivated me to join music.

To the other question, I can confidently tell you that I can never quit music, rather I will always take my time to dish out good jobs that will protest for better days which lies much on the shoulder of my other brand DEDEUKWU

You insisted you must return to Aba to further put her on the music map, what motivated you and how do you intend to achieve that?

Aba is in me and I can’t run from my shadow (smiles). I think this is a concise summary in answer to your question. “No man can escape from his shadows”.

Having said this, and rightly so. After several movements and research both in the club business that I ventured into during my school days in Owerri, I always come across 70% of proud Aba breed, brought up with clever and business minded attitudes, therefore i think it’s right to stay grateful to my city by representing them in music, movies, fashion e.t.c and I am not doing it alone. I am on it with people who share this passion, with every positive soul willing to join the movement… 

DEDEUKWU” motivated me and I intend to invest everything possible within me to show gratefulness to my city. It is unfortunate that the people I come across anywhere in the world have one misconception or the other about Aba because we allow others to tell our stories and write our history. But of course they need to know that what they have in their head as ABA PEOPLE is not really what it is but reverse is the case. We have a big task thereon, but the determination to change the narrative surpasses the challenges.

So what is “Dede Ukwu Concept all about?

DEDEUKWU is a pan-africanist movement band with heavy African sound fused with Ibo tradition, culture and heritage. The aim is to unite all average minded persons through Art exhibition activities and educate the Ibos on their heritage within and outside Africa and the world at large.

Do you see a future for MusicBiz in Enyimba City?

I see an elephant industry in *ABA* not just entertainers but rich musicians with entrepreneurship talent. It is a movement, it is a target and we have the zeal, the capacity and the capability to pull it. The only thing between us and the actualization is “TIME” and the time is now. You can take this to the banks. 

What have you done to revolutionize music in Aba to compete well in the world.

Oh (smiles) I guess I haven’t done enough and Yes I’ve got good songs with excellent lyrics, big ups to Xralarge and No casting for the collaboration with Zexmode music on the likes of *OBOHIA*  “CHUKWU DAALU” featuring various Artists.

I have shot videos beyond Aba expectation and tried my best in promoting them. Yes we planned to do more from the day one but some unforeseen circumstances came up due to finance, lack of music business idea, management, personal and family challenges from the 3 of us, Consequent upon most of these daunting realities, I had to take a break for studies and club business. I have now returned under my independent label to work on projects beyond expectations and these include revolutionary approaches. Just keep your fingers crossed.

What do you think needs to be done to actualize this possible future for Aba?

To actualize the future we need in Aba there must be a strong guild of circular Artists with music business, educated board and then a “shrine” (venue for instrumental practice) and every Artistes must be dedicated. That way we can be recognized and valued. We can not keep doing the same thing and expect to get different results. To actualise a possible future for Music in Aba, we have to change our orientation as a people from the artistes to our fans and supporters because we cannot keep viewing music biz from the buying and selling perspective. It hasn’t changed anything for us so we need to change it quickly.

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What’s your advice for fellow Artistes and other acts in the creative industry?

My advice is simple: Be yourself and stay creative, just hope and pray, don’t neglect anyone, stay humble and true to your cause, above all, always keeping a wide distance from negative vibes. 

What is your advice for the youths, especially in regards to the rising  issue of Cultism of recent?

Yes! My heart always bleeds when I remember the high rate of Cultism in my City and how promising young people that should make her proud have turned to her nightmare all of a sudden. I believe it is a mistake made in the past by bringing school activities for learning advantage and resistance to lecturers’ intimidations to the street where kids are raised, but I think it’s still the duty of the influencers like Entertainers and other big boys to project and disarm the boys by bringing back our street shows and talent exhibition/seminar with maximum security in a grand style so that they can be educated on unity they will help them love themselves and elect to #Shuncultism.

Watch out for Spunky Black latest single dropping on 1st December, 2020.

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