A wicked Blackmail Targeted At Hon Kingsley Imaga Debunked, The True Story.

by OHAFIA TV Newsadmin

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On the early morning of Thursday, 9th July 2020, we woke up to see a scandalous brief message with chats appearing under all our online news publications accusing Honourable Kingsley Imaga of duping someone to the tune of N1Million over land.

The first thing we noticed was that the Facebook account was a foreign one with a White Man’s image by the name Joan Rachid while the writer alleged to be a woman from Ohafia. It raised my curiosity.

In the fashion of OHAFIA-TV News and my practice of always standing for the truth, I decided to investigate the matter and mediate if possible to find out the true position of the story. To achieve this, I engaged JOAN RACHID, Hon Kingsley Imaga, and Mr. Nnanna Eke Imaga, all privately.

Kingsley Eke Imaga

Joan Achid had already contacted us on our official Facebook channel with the same message:
“In Abia state Ohafia to be precise.

Former commissioner of transport, Hon Kingsley Eke Imaga and his younger brother Nnanna Eke Imaga both are from Elu Ohafia in Abia state conspired and duped a lady who’s from the neighboring village Amaekpu Ohafia all in Abia state, the same of 1,310,000. Please read this…

Kingsley imaga and his younger brother Imaga (Nnanna) duped me of 1.310,000.00 Naira. They told me there’s the land they are selling at the back of Afia Nkwo in Elu Ohafia and they took my mother there and showed her another land, after Kingsley and Nnanna have collected the 1.310 million, they were no land and they refused to return the money. When I approached him, Kingsley Imaga threatened to kill me. Below is our conversations”
(this is the exact information being circulated on social media by Joan Achid. I will attach the screenshots and every other evidence in a photo gallery below)

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When contacted too, Hon Kingsley Imaga came up with a simple and straightforward answer.
“My brother thank you for at least requesting to hear from me. I do not sell lands rather my brother is a land agent, the lady in question is known to me. She requested from me to inquire if she should buy the said land, I inquired from my brother who told me the said property is genuine so I told her to pay via the attached SMS you saw. She didn’t pay through me. She only called me later to say the land is not worth the amount she paid, I tried to mediate as I have no direct involvement except the communication you saw. Now she tries to involve my name for ulterior motives.

“My brother had offered her another land or give him time to resale and pay her, but she decides the way she is going. I have no hands except that I know her and she told my brother except I OK it, she won’t pay them. I will send my brothers number to you so you can hear from him directly. Thank you” (and he sent the number immediately)

And, I did contacted Mr Nnanna Eke Imaga who carefully narrated what transpired and also decided to call as it seemed our chat was slow, he corroborated what Hon Kingsley Imaga said:

“[07-09, 2:08 p.m.] NNANNA IMAGA: My Brother,
I deal on property, so I bought a land for Bridget Maria Uchendu as at early May this year, the land was bought at 800k and both clearing the land, surveying it, fixing a pillar work and commission which amount to 1million.

This lady happens to be our family friend of which I can not intend to dupe her as she claims. This plot was inspected by her mother, also the 1million was paid into her mother’s account. After I have finished both the traditional rites, total cost of the land.

“Afterwards, I told the lady is better we put up a fence, she agreed and send me money for the fencing and I did, 3 days later after the fencing she said her people said the land is not in good location, no road, is small in size and so on. I went back to the Sallers for a refund, they told me they have used the money unless this plot is been resale to either someone else or we can take the land.

“I said ok, Let me sale the land and give you back the money she said she’s giving me just a month to sale the land in question.
She has just decided to keep calling my elder brothers name here and there and this is very wrong of her.

“Just yesterday I raised about 500k and sent to her account
of which I have not sale the land but for sake of her notions which is channelled at fraud and blackmail (Teller attached)

“I have to raise this money to show her I can never dupe her not even anybody, never, am not a deceit at all and won’t be” his WhatsApp message concluded.

On our engagement with Joan Rachid, what he or she had to say didn’t sound much different from the stories earlier obtained except the part he claimed threat on life which when asked, he said he don’t have evidence but will bring the Lady to talk to me on Saturday, next he said he’s already sent the evidence to his publisher to publish.

In our chat: (Amos “Fairymonk” Kalu)
AFK: WHO’S THIS ? Plz can we have this conversation inbox?

Joan: Its ok! I am Rachid, I am from Ohafia, Akanu preicesly, I’m just against the criminal who dooped my wife’s friend His name is Kingsley eke imaga

AFK: As a media practioner, it is my duty to investigate the truth and mediate where possible.

JOAN: its Okay…. I want this to be broadcast and let that criminal be exposed for his evil. He even threatened to kill my wife’s friend whom he has dooped.

AFK: It would be good business for me if I demand money from you to make the story go viral. But I will like to know the truth because we stand for peace at all time.

JOAN: I will send my evidence.

AFK: Let me have all your evidence and demand so that we can handle this properly. (Then he sent all the evidence already in circulation on Facebook)

JOAN: You see for yourself.

AFK: I have reached Hon Kingsley Imaga and I have his story.
I will corroborate his brother Nnanna Imaga’s story and yours to arrive at the truth. Please briefly share your own story with us. What transpired?

JOAN: Its Ok. It’s a land he gave my wife’s friend assurance that it’s beside nkwo market and she sent down money for it and it happens to a scam. They refused to refund the money and threatened to kill her. you can see it yourself. I will also get the bank statement for you to confirm the payment.

AFK: I am not doubting the payment Sir. From your shots it is between April and sometime in May

JOAN: Yes! Tell me anything you want to to confirm and believe.

AFK: You reached me so I felt it is a duty to mediate.
Truth and uprightness is the watchword of my practice not money.

On the part of threatening to kill your wife’s friend, was it on chat or on call because you haven’t sent any evidence in that regards?

JOAN: It was on a phone call.
Good. So what more information do you need?
I will invite my wife’s friend over to calmly explain and share you evidence.
Maybe by Saturday.

AFK: Nothing more. Except there’s something you’ll add.

JOAN: What’s that? I have sent it to many media to publish.

AFK: I mean if there’s more information I should add because I am going to report all my findings word to word from you, Nnanna, and Kingsley. Nothing will be left out

JOAN: Its ok. Thank you

AFK: Thank you Sir.

After chatting with Nnanna Imaga, who was the last person I contacted, he alleged to have sent 500k to Bridget and presented receipt evidence, I went back to Joan Rachid on chat to confirm the claim.

AFK: Please I want you to confirm this to me. Nnanna has alleged making a deposit of 500k towards refunding the money.

JOAN: Yes he did. But what about the rest? No agreement has been on towards the balance instead they threatened to take my life (Note that the narratives have changed from HER to Mine which is a prove that Joan Rachid is a pseudo account run by Bridget or her sponsors to tarnish the image and/or blackmail Hon Kingsley.

AFK: I would’ve offered a piece of advice. But in order not to sound biased or sentimental, I will reserve it to be able to make a sound analysis of the trio submissions.

“Thanks for your corporation”

JOAN: Thank you.

From the foregoing, my findings are to give everyone the prerogative to weigh this matter and deduce it without my making any conclusions.

As I promised Mr. Joan Achid that nothing will be left out, I copied everything verbatim.

On that note, I want to apologize to Hon. Chief Kingsley Imaga and Nnanna Eke Imaga for transposing their private convo with me even when I did not inform them that I was going to use it for public consumption. At least it helped me to get the first hand, unadulterated information from them. My deepest apologies.

On my part, I think this story is targeted at blackmail for political reasons in the build-up of 2023. If all these transpired within May and June and the Young man (Nnanna) has raised N500k without selling the land, it is a show of commitment to resolving the issue, dragging Hon Kingsley Imaga to it amounts to playing to the gallery.

I urge the publishers of Joan Achid to also endeavor to investigate before they help in running a man down just to earn peanut that will put you in a bad light in the future. We must always be our brothers’ keepers.

Comr Amos Kalu (AFK), is the Chief Editor, OHAFIA-TV News.

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