Guinea-Bissau, the investment hub and tourism destination of Africa – Pt I

by OHAFIA TV Newsadmin

Guinea Bissau is one of the countries of West Africa formerly in the same union with Cape Verde before they separated to become two sovereign nations. And the population of Guinea Bissau is estimated to be between 1.6 to 2 million inhabitants.

Background History

Guinea Bissau is one of the Colonies of Portugal in West Africa who fought and gained their independence from Portuguese occupation. The Guinea-Bissau War of Independence was an armed independence conflict that took place in Portuguese Guinea between 1963 and 1974. Fought between Portugal and the African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde, an armed independence movement backed by Cuba and the Soviet Union, the war is commonly referred to as “Portugal’s Vietnam” due to the large numbers of men and amounts of material expended in a long, mostly guerrilla war and the internal political turmoil it created in Portugal.

The war ended when Portugal, after the Carnation Revolution of 1974, granted independence to Guinea-Bissau, followed by Cape Verde a year later.

The Republic of Guinea Bissau is known for production of cashew as one of the highest commercial foreign earner for the country over the years and this is predominantly the sustainer of the nations economy to present day.

But in this article, I am not interested in the historical evolution of Guinea Bissau either politically, economically and otherwise. I observed that there are many untapped potentials in this Republic that the world seems to be overlooking both in the areas of agriculture, forestry, production, tourism, etc. That is the focus of this write up, to identify some of them.

(1) One of the first point to note is that Guinea Bissau is blessed with natural rain forest and is seated near Atlantic ocean which gives her the potential to be surrounded by potentially rich swamps. This has made it possible for rice to be one of the main cash crops, but with this kind of topography, planting of other cash crops within Guinea is ripe and can create serious foreign earner to both the investors and the Republic.

For instance, considering the semblance of rain/swampy forest that abound, cultivation of vegetable, yams, and other crops will do well in Guinea Bissau, especially Vegetable which seems to be a scarce commodity in Guinea Bissau, considering the large number of ready consumers occasioned by foreigners from Nigeria and other African countries, in order words, investment in production of vegetables will do well for the nation for both internal consumption and exports. Cassava can do well here as well and Africa seems to be running shortage of these produce as a result of overuse of most soils in Nigeria, while the land in Guinea remain untapped and begging for use.

Considering the fact that Cashew thrives well in Guinea Bissau, Palm Production is another cash crop that need to be exploited by the government of Guinea Bissau against the future because palm produce has remained the highest earner around the world.

The government of Malaysia depends mainly on exportation of Palm Produce. The Economy of Eastern Nigeria lived on it before the oil boom of the 60s and having seen the inevitability of the contribution it can make to the economy, most of the Southeast States of Nigeria are working tirelessly to revive that sector of Nigeria economy.

Guinea Bissau 2
Guinea Bissau Presidential Villa

(2) In the same vein, after having the privilege of touring the length and breadth of Guinea Bissau during the campaigns with Engr Nuno Gomes Nabiam, I fall in love with the natural nature of the Republic. The country is predominantly blessed with natural forest and serene countryside that a lover of nature will find enticing.

Besides that, I was also opportune to visit the banks of Sao Domingos and Cachew and other beautiful rivers and I saw the great tourism potentials that any individual with mind of investment will make treasure in this beautiful country because the serene nature of Guinea Bissau still attracts great troupes of Portuguese and other European citizens who loves calm life.
Creating and investing in the recreation facilities, hotels, boats etc around these beaches, banks and lakes will benefit both the investors and the users of such facilities.

(3) Finally, I will not fail to mention the hospitality disposition of citizens of Guinea Bissau. I have been to some other African countries including Nigeria, one thing is common among Guineans, they live like one big family, welcoming, friendly and accommodating.

I am pointing this out because it is one of the prerequisites for good business relationships with foreign investors. When an investor is given straight hand of fellowship and welcomed in sincerity, the peace of mind that will exist will create room for more viable and beneficial partnerships for both the investors and the host. In all Guinea remains a golden egg of Africa and the best investment hug existing in Africa and yearning to be tapped.

Comr Amos Kalu – AFK, Chief Editor, writes from Abuja, Nigeria.

To be Continued….

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