Charles Ogbu Eulogizes Nnamdi Kanu On Biafra Heroes Day

by Amos Kalu

From far away foreign land and with the aid of a Radio station, you described Nigeria as a Zoo unfit for even animals to live in. You picked on the establishment, attacked those you believe to be responsible for the unworkability of the Nigerian state and vehemently campaigned for your Biafran people to be allowed to go to where they will be free to thrive and pursue their full potentials.

Many dismissed you as one of those faceless noisemakers making noise from abroad. They challenged you to come to Nigeria if you were serious. You didn’t just come, you actually announced the date of your coming. And true to type, the oppressive govt of Muhammadu Buhari arrested you. There and then, you defeated the govt in their own court and proved that indeed, Nigeria is an insult to the animal place called Zoo by forcing them to treat the ruling of their own court with disdain.

While under a bail granted you by a court of competent jurisdiction, the govt again proved it actually has a degree in roguery by invading your house with its uniformed Janjaweed we call the army. Dozens were killed in cold blood. Since then, no one has set eyes on you.


They made a grave mistake, one that will be too difficult for them to ever correct.

They went after you thinking you are the Biafra and that once you are out of the way, the quest for Biafra will be removed from thought. If only they knew that Biafra is an ideology initiated and sustained by the grave injustices of the Nigerian state and that the agitation is now on autopilot.

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They came too late!

You have already succeeded in siring millions of us.

Dear Nwannekaenyi Nnamdi Okwu Kenny Kanu, you are one man I feel uniquely privileged to call My Inspiration.

Great men are not known by how long they spent on earth but by how much steps they left in the sand of time.

Regardless of where Buratai and his army are holding you, it matters not. Your work is done. Even if it is only one of us that is left standing in Nigeria, as long as the grave institutionalized injustices remain, the lone man will always cry towards Biafra.

Both now and in generation to come, you will always be remembered as the man who raised our ethnic consciousness to a level never seen before. You opened our eyes to the moral tragedy that is Nigeria. Above all, you gave us the courage to always look our enemy in the eye rather than shiver in servitude.



The heroes are not only those who are dead





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